Nigel Williams
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N. Williams
N.C. Williams
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Writing as N Williams and N C Williams, Nigel Williams was born in November of 1960 in Abercrave in the Swansea Valley, South Wales.
He left school to study at Shoreditch College in Egham in 1979 but "dropped out" in the first year of a teaching qualification.
In 1981, he joined the Metropolitan Police and was posted to Brixton at the time of the race riots.
In 1984, Nigel transferred to South Wales Police and worked for the rest of his fourteen years service as a traffic officer and an armed V.I.P and Special Escort Group driver; involved in many of the Royal visits to the Principality. His police service was cut short in 1994 when he was hit by a stolen car and fractured his spine. He was forced to retire but was awarded seven commendations during his service with the Welsh force.
During his recovery, he returned to education and achieved a first-class honours degree in fine art. This was followed by a teaching qualification at Cardiff University and a Master's degree in fine art.
He keeps himself busy by watching rugby, reading, writing, painting and learning to fly.
Nigel has been married to a very patient Caroline for twenty-four years and has three children; Adam (20), Lara (18) and Ciara (11), and a dog named Zac.

Eden Relics © is Nigel's first full length novel and was published in July 2012. It's available for Kindle, Kobo and on Smashwords. It can also be downloaded through Barnes & Noble.

In November 2012, Nigel published Welsh Gold and the sequel entitled Welsh Gold - Prodigal Son.

The sequel to Eden Relics (The Rod of Asclepius) should be available for download from July 2013.

Nigel is also working on a supernatural sci-fi story called Dark's Matter. Dark's Matter should be available for download from June 2013.
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