Nigel Williams
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N. Williams
N.C. Williams
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Eden Relics

"You'll never believe what's beneath your feet..."

Eden Relics #8 in Thriller downloads, August 2012.

1897 - On an official engagement in Egypt, international opera singer Adelina Patti becomes involved in the discovery of ancient relics beneath the Sphinx. The relics, as old as mankind, offer hope for the future, a potential to understand our origins and also to extend life. But for some the objects are an earth shattering revelation and threaten to plunge the world into the "End of Days." A secret group of zealots also know what this discovery would mean to them and will stop at nothing to prevent the objects becoming public knowledge.
During the theft of the relics, something that had been buried with them is lost to the world - something even more powerful and valuable.
A terminally ill billionaire president of a major pharmaceutical conglomerate is in no mood to let this great prize be lost to the world. The relics hold the potential to save his life and those of millions of others.
Ex-firearms officer Zac Woods dreams of a quiet life are blown apart when two old friends are murdered and he is drawn into a deadly battle to be the first to recover the mysterious objects. The race is on!
Zac Woods will face a battle not only for his life and those of his friends but also for the future of the world.

REVIEW BY "I really enjoyed the way in which this
story was told, it has great action scenes throughout, all of which are
well written. The characters are well developed and interesting, and the
scenery was always well depicted. The story was paced well and it was a
hard book to put down.
"I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars and highly recommend it."

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