Nigel Williams
Writing as:
N. Williams
N.C. Williams
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Welsh Gold-Prodigal Son

Welsh Gold - part 2. The Prodigal Son.

The quiet village had held secrets for too long. A serial killer responsible for the deaths of young women and a small country cottage the focus of the evil.

Having recovered from bankruptcy, Gwyn Williams and his family have settled into their new life in Dolaucothi, the site of an ancient Roman gold mine in Mid-Wales. Just when everything finally seems to be going right for Gwyn Williams and his family, life takes another deadly turn.

With the recent return of his estranged son, Richie, the future couldn't look better. But Richie also carries a deadly secret and the family are once more thrown into a fight for life against a hit-man determined to destroy everything Gwyn holds dear.

This is the second instalment of the Welsh Gold series.

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