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Welsh Gold

Royalties to British Heart Foundation

"Every cloud has a golden lining..."

Gwyn Williams and his family face ruin. After a disaster in his private coal mine claims the life of his brother-in-law, a bank steps in and forecloses on his business, taking the family home as well. Welsh mining was in his blood, but now it appears to have crushed the life out of him.
But as the bailiffs seize the family’s possessions, a relative dies, leaving them a life-line in the form of a dilapidated cottage in Wales. Things could hardly get worse, they feel, as they attempt to come to terms with their more humble surroundings.

But the cottage holds a secret; one that a ruthless local businessman is intent on exploiting, at any cost, and soon the family are embroiled in events that threaten life itself.

Gwyn finds out that this cottage in the village of Dolaucothi is on the site of a Roman gold mine. Tempted to search for it, Gwyn knows it could provide the answer to all his problems but could also threaten his family, and even his life.

Will the villain get his come-uppance? Will the family survive their ordeal? The miners’ code dictates that all miners, Welsh or otherwise, will stand true to their vocation. So is there any Welsh gold under the humble cottage, and if there is, who will win the battle for this mine and come out on top? This book about Wales and Welsh mining is a real page-turner.

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful story... Interesting Read 24 Nov 2012
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Sometimes when it seems everything is turned against us, the tide turns in our favor, but we are so steeped in the foul times we just don't notice it. Welsh Gold is about a man that the tide turned in his favor after a bad stint that led him to bankruptcy. The events that unfolded before he realized how much his fortunes had changed make this book an interesting read.

The book excels in the way it uses events in history, to make a delightful story. A must read for lovers of Welsh history and lovers of fiction in general.

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